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The EspressGo Platform

Are you sick of seeing the larger chains on every doorstep? It’s time to compete against them, you’re all about quality after all. Using our analytics platform, you can understand your customers in a way like never before. Working with the EspressGo Data and Marketing teams, we can help you optimise your store operations with actionable data about your customers. Send push notifications and marketing emails to our database about your store and utilise the platform to send promotions with personalised content.

  • CMS: Have full control over your menu and prices with our purpose-built content management system
  • Analytics: Better understand your customers and operations through real time analytics
  • Marketing: Our experienced marketing team will educate and engage with your customers through data driven marketing campaigns
  • Accounting: Easy reporting and forecast sales by location
  • Location Management: Easily manage your branches through one platform to better understand best performing sites
  • Custom Messaging: Personalise your customer experience with tailored messaging that engages directly with your customers

The Mobile App

Here's how it works:

  • Mobile Payment

    Customers can add their preferred payment method to the app and pay in real-time

  • Order Ahead

    Reduce checkout time by enabling your customers to browse your menu and order from the app

  • Loyalty & Gifting

    Motivate customer behaviour with a level playing field digital loyalty scheme

  • Targeted Messaging

    Boost guest visits with tailored notifications that helps increase basket value

  • Location Finder

    Increase visits to your store by allowing your customers to find the closest location to them

  • Customer Feedback

    Ensure customer satisfaction by listening to them and understanding what they care about

Benefits to your Baristas

When it comes to coffee, EspressGo allows your baristas to focus on creating the best quality cups of coffee with a few clicks of a button. What if you could take an order, take payment AND stamp a loyalty card all in one click? Using our simple barista app, accepting an order instantly adds loyalty points to your customer’s digital loyalty card, takes payment via Stripe and allows your barista to focus on quality coffee!

Turn on accepting orders

Giving you control over when customers can place their orders

Let the ordering commence!

Accept your orders by adding a prep time that suits you! (or decline if for some reason you can’t make it)

Notify your customers

Let them know they can come and pick up their order

Build your database

Check out your daily/weekly/monthly orders all in one place

Coffee Shop Sign-Up

Fill out the form below and we will get back to you with more details: