You may have read about what’s being called ‘the latte levy’. A 25p tax on all coffees sold in disposable cups has been called for by a number of MPs. While it hasn’t been passed as law yet, you can certainly see it happening.

At the moment, the UK goes through 3 billion disposable cups a year. While they’re disposable, many of them aren’t recyclable. The polyethene that stops the cup leaking makes it very difficult to recycle. They can only be recycled at specialist plants, of which there aren’t many in the UK, so they are taken to landfill sites. Obviously, this is terrible for the environment, so MPs are calling for a tax to encourage us to use reusable coffee cups.

Don’t despair though. Reusable coffee cups are great. As well as being better for the environment, they’re easy to keep and clean, they don’t spill and they don’t burn your hands. There is also a big range of reusable cups to choose from. Here are 5 of the best.


1 – KeepCup

KeepCup was born in enviro-conscious Australia to revolutionise how we drink our coffee. Their recyclable plastic coffee cups are secured with a plastic clip to stop leaks and spillages, handy when travelling. KeepCups come in a massive range of sizes and colours, you can even design your own. If you’re going to dump disposable cups, do it in style with KeepCup.


2 – Ecoffee

Ecoffee takes the environmental approach to the next level with their range of recyclable cups. There’s no plastic at Ecoffee. Their cups are made from bamboo fibre and cornstarch.

Again, Ecoffee cups come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. My favourite is the ‘Like A Boss.’ They also have a resealable, no-drip lid and a protector to make it easy to hold. You can wash your Ecoffee cup in your dishwasher, but once you’ve finished with it, you can throw it on your compost heap. Amazing!


3 – Thermos Thermocafe

Like Hoover and Sellotape, Thermos is one of those brands that has become interchangeable with the product they make. They’ve been making beverage holders for decades, and it shows with their Thermocafe range.

The Thermocafe is made from tough stainless steel, with a flip top which is really easy to use. It’s a good size too, 420ml, about a mug and a half’s worth. With Thermos, you know your coffee will be piping hot whenever you need it.


4 – The Rice Way

While Ecoffee uses bamboo fibre for their mugs, The Rice Way uses, well… rice. Husks of rice to exact. When the rice we eat is being milled, the husks are what is taken off. The clever folk at The Rice Way have made a cup out of them!
Rice Way cups are insulated to keep your drink warm. They’re also biodegradable. Neoprene is used for the cup protector and silicone is used for the lid, but we won’t hold that against them.


5 – Joco

Joco’s cups are made from tough glass, protected by a bright silicone sleeve. You need the sleeve to protect your hands, and to protect the cup if you drop it!
Unlike stainless steel, cardboard and other materials, glass will not affect how your coffee tastes. This might be the best choice for coffee purists. There are more than 20 different designs to choose from.

And EspressGo?

OK, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, this is all very well, but I’m a devoted EspressGo user. I love how EspressGo makes it easy for me to order coffee on the go, without having the hassle of waiting or the worry of finding my money. How am I supposed to use my spanking new reusable coffee cup and EspressGo at the same time?
Well, you’d be right to think that. Plus, it’s lovely to hear you say such nice things about our app! Fear not, however. We’ve got the brainiest people at EspressGo on the case figuring out a way to combine EspressGo and reusable cups, and we hope to be able to announce something soon. If you’d like to find out more about reusable cups, here’s another article with even more suggestions on there. I hope this helps you find the cup of your dreams for your favourite coffee.