It can be difficult sometimes to be a dog owner and a coffee lover in London. You’ve taken your best friend on a long walk through the streets or around the park. It’s a cold day. You’re ready for a lovely hot cup of coffee from your favourite local coffee shop.

 But what’s that? They don’t allow dogs in the cafe? You now have to walk all the way home until you can get your hands around a boiling hot mug. What a shame.

 What are the rules?

 Unfortunately, the coffee shop is within their rights to do this. There are no laws relating to dogs in coffee shops. They don’t have to refuse your dog entry, but they can. It’s up to the shop’s management.

While some coffee shops don’t like dogs coming in, there are some that do. In fact, there are some that actively encourage it, providing water and biscuits for your dog, as well as a delicious cup of coffee for you.

 Here’s an example of a great coffee shop, where they’ll be only too happy when you bring your dog in for a coffee.

 A Wanted Man – 330 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5UR

Located in the heart of Chelsea, A Wanted Man is a focal point of the community. They serve great breakfasts, sandwiches and desserts. Of course, they serve amazing coffee from Common Man Coffee Roasters.

They love it when customers bring their dogs in, and offer all furry friends a warm welcome. It all adds to the atmosphere.

What makes A Wanted Man a bit different is that they also have a brow bar and waxing salon attached. You can walk in scruffy and walk out well-groomed. I’m talking about you now, not your dog.

Don’t forget EspressGo

We hope you’ll visit A Wanted Man for a relaxing coffee, with or without your dog. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can order your coffee from A Wanted Man, and many other great independent coffee shops, on your EspressGo app.

Order your favourite coffee and pay for it via the app. When you walk into the coffee shop it’ll be ready and waiting for you.

Just remember to tie your dog up outside when you go to collect it.