I bet you’re going to start 2018 with a coffee. When you wake up bleary-eyed on January 1st, making a coffee will be the first thing you do. After that though, your thoughts turn to how you’re going to change your life. You make plans to do all kinds of amazing stuff, to turn yourself into a brand new, better person.


Now, most of the time, these plans fall by the wayside after about a week. The problem is that big changes are hard to make. There’s a secret though, and it all goes back to that first thing you did on New Year’s Day. That’s right. Coffee.


It’s a little-known secret, but coffee is the key to keeping all the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Let me show you how.


I will eat and drink healthier


It’s one of the most popular resolutions. You start on January 1st intending to exist on kale and quinoa for the rest of your life, but within a week you’re back in the fried chicken shop.


You can fulfil this resolution simply by drinking more coffee. Coffee isn’t just good for you, it’s great for you. Coffee is packed with antioxidants and has been shown to help prevent numerous diseases and conditions. You can read more about the health benefits of coffee here.


I will work out more


It’s no surprise that gyms recruit most of their new members in January. The question is, how many of those people are still there in February?


Coffee gives you a boost of energy which will make you more likely to drag yourself to the gym on a cold morning. Plus, if you drink a cup before you go, it boosts your athletic performance.


What’s more, coffee boosts your body’s metabolism, so when you work out, your body burns off fat quicker.


I will try harder at work


On January 1st, you’re all ready to attack your job like a machine. You want a promotion and a pay rise, and nothing is going to stop you. Of course, around January 15th, you’ll be slacking off and sharing cat videos around the office like normal.


Remember that coffee gives you energy and makes your brain more alert. Coffee can be the fuel for the new, hard-working, efficient you.


I will try new things


Many people intend to broaden their horizons with their new year’s resolutions. They start new hobbies, or book holidays to strange exotic places.


That’s all good, but you could also try new types of coffee. Never tried a Venti Soy Quadruple Shot Latte with No Foam? Go on, you might like it!


I will be positive


If you’re intending to change your outlook on life in 2018, to stop being moody and bad-tempered, to see the glass half-full rather than half-empty, you need to fill that glass with coffee!


Studies show that coffee helps you relax and improves your mood. It relieves stress and anxiety. Coffee lovers are generally happier people.


I will reconnect with old friends


You promised yourself you were going to do better about keeping in touch with people. When you say ‘let’s get together soon’, you are actually going to do it rather than keep putting it off.


Why not ask them for a coffee? What could be better than catching up with the gossip in a comfy chair in a beautifully-decorated independent coffee shop?


Remember, coffee shops are the new pubs!


I will save money

Last one, and it’s a biggie. Everybody promises themselves on January 1st that they’re going to be better with money this year. No more extravagant purchases, you’re going to save and do something useful with your money instead.


You’re probably wondering where coffee comes into this one. After all, a trip to the coffee shop is a luxury purchase if ever there was one, right?


Well. When you join EspressGo, you’re automatically enrolled on to one of the best loyalty schemes around. We’ll buy your first coffee for you, and then every 5th one after that.


With EspressGo, there’s no more queuing when you order your coffee, no more finding money to pay for it as you do it all through the app, plus the more you use it, the more you save.


For whatever reason you drink coffee, make sure you do it with EspressGo.


Happy New Year!