Imagine if your morning coffee could make your brain function at a super-high level, and help you lose weight at the same time. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. Bulletproof Coffee is here. At EspressGo, we’re all about new things. That’s why we invented a mobile app that orders your coffee for you. When we heard about Bulletproof Coffee we knew we had to find out more. Let’s find out more about it, cut through the hype and decide if it’s a hit or a miss.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof Coffee is the morning coffee that’s taking the world by storm. It’s become a multi-million dollar product in the US, and has now invaded our shores.

It’s very simple to make. Here’s the recipe.

    A cup of black coffee – from beans if possible, it has more antioxidants than instant.

    2 tablespoons of butter – unsalted, contains omega-3 to boost brain power, and butyrate which keeps you fuller for longer.

    2 tablespoons of MCT oil – a special oil which energises your brain, available in health food shops. (Don’t overdo the oil. It can cause stomach pains.

Mix it all together, preferably in a blender. That’s it. It’s ready to drink. 

Bulletproof Coffee was invented in Silicon Valley by an entrepreneur named Dave Asprey, who tried some yak-butter tea while trekking in Tibet, and said he felt ‘amazing’ afterwards. According to Dave, and its fans, Bulletproof Coffee is amazing as a weight-loss tool, and boosts your energy and brain power. You can drink one in the morning and you’ll be full up until lunchtime.  Dave set up the Bulletproof Coffee company, offering own brand coffee and oil, although of course, you can make it yourself.

How does it work?

The reason why despite containing more than 500 calories per cup, Bulletproof Coffee actually works as a weight-loss device, is because of a principle called ketosis.

When you drink it first thing in the morning, because your Bulletproof Coffee is free of sugar and carbs, it doesn’t trigger an insulin response telling the body to store fat. Therefore, your body burns existing fat stores (such as stomach flab) to create energy. This continues in your body all morning, until you eat something containing carbs at lunch. The butter is supposed to keep you feeling full up, banishing hunger cravings.

Bulletproof Coffee is meant to boost your brain power because of the MCT oil. It’s broken down quickly by the liver, ready to energise your brain.

The coffee itself boosts your metabolism, and the caffeine gives your brain a jolt too.

All in all, Bulletproof Coffee is supposed to be a super-efficient breakfast. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. There are stories online of people who have lost pounds and pounds of weight just by drinking a Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. Its fans say how happy and clear-headed they feel after a morning Bulletproof.

On the other hand…

Of course, some scientists disagree, saying it’s not healthy to consume so many calories and so much fat in the morning. In fact, if you have a Bulletproof Coffee, but then eat carbs in the morning, you’ll probably gain weight. According to its detractors, Bulletproof Coffee is likely to increase your cholesterol level. Also, the oil leads to a build-up of stomach acid. Others think the increased brain power is, well, all in the mind. The fact is, there is not enough research into whether this recipe is an effective, healthy way to lose weight or improve your cognition. More needs to be done before we can know whether it’s a fad, or something that is here to stay.

Are you Bulletproof?

At EspressGo, we run a handy app which helps you order your coffee free of hassle. We’re not nutritionists. We don’t know if Bulletproof Coffee is the drink of the future. All we can say is drink coffee, however you like, because you love it. Anything else is a bonus.

On your EspressGo app, you can order your favourite type of coffee from the best independent coffee shops in London. You can order and pay via the app, then skip the queue in the shop. Your coffee will be ready as soon as you walk in.  

Do any of them serve their coffee Bulletproof? Not yet, but you never know what the future holds!