Morning or Midday? 

It’s the way most of us start the day. It’s been going for hundreds of years, all around the world. The morning cup of coffee.

Is the first thing you do in the morning boiling the kettle? Or switching on the coffee maker? Are you one of those people that believe they can’t function before they’ve had their morning fix?

Or perhaps you’re one of those people who like their morning coffee on the way to work? Maybe on the walk from the tube station to the office? Pre-ordered via EspressGo, obviously.

Or maybe you do both? Either way, according to some nutritionists…

You’re doing it wrong

The point is, your body releases a hormone, cortisol, which keeps you feeling bright, alert and awake.

When you wake up in the morning, your cortisol levels should be at their peak. Then, peak time for the production of cortisol in your body is between 8 and 9 am. That’s the time you’re probably grabbing your commute coffee.

If you drink coffee during these times, you’re not receiving the benefit of the coffee (other than it’s great taste) because your body is naturally wired and alert. You’re also building up a tolerance to caffeine, so the hit you get from your cup of coffee will diminish over time.

The best time to enjoy a cup of hot, tasty coffee is between 10 and 12, when your cortisol levels have diminished and you actually need a caffeine hit.

On the other hand…

There is an alternative viewpoint, however. You only get one life, and you have to extract as much happiness out of it as you possibly can.

If you want a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, who cares? Go for it!

If you love your takeaway coffee on your journey to work to cheer you up after negotiating a packed tube train, get in there. Enjoy yourself.

Just make sure you take advantage of the ease, speed, quality and amazing loyalty bonuses that only EspressGo can bring you.