Ross Aldred – Technical Director

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.
W. Shedd

It seems nowadays everyone wants to build an app.  Ever since the unparalleled success of Snapchat, Uber and arguably Flappy Bird; I constantly meet people who claim to have the next big dollar idea.

Their instincts are right.  Not since the dot-com bubble has there been the opportunity and excitement for the current Gold Rush in mobile applications.  The trend right now? On demand services.  In essence cutting out the middle man and connecting user to provider, hand to hand.  If Uber removed the need for a taxi operator, and Airbnb the holiday rep; then EspressGo has the software to connect you directly to your coffee, skipping the till, payment and queue.

A recent study looked into the psychology of the queue, in particular, the unspoken rulebook that governs this particularly British obsession.  The magic number is 6, anymore and we are less inclined to join the line; yet if there are 6 or more behind us, then we are unlikely to leave. It’s a 6 minute average maximum wait time before giving up and a minimum of 6 inches of personal space between those patiently waiting (don’t even consider pushing in!).  The UCL study concluded that at a time when Britain and technology is rapidly changing the “ways in which we queue are shifting.”

EspressGo presents an opportunity to disrupt this well established culture, albeit with a double edged sword.  One side allowing the caffeine connoisseur to effortlessly collect their drink, the other at the risk of frustrating those less tech savvy waiting in line.  But disruption is good.  It changes people habits, encourages us to rethink traditional methods and invites innovation.

This is the appeal for me.  It’s the excitement of refining a process and simplifying our hectic life through technology that fires my creativity.  Sure to have the next six figure+ mobile app is success, but money is not the main factor in my driving seat.  For me, crafting and developing a solution to a problem and having people engage with it is where the real asset sits.

My interest in tech started with web, before the social media explosion, that allowed individuals to curate their own online presence. When the smartphone launched and 2G replaced WAP, the landscape changed again.  Now content was available anywhere, and soon people would be reaching for their phone rather than the laptop.  Web is still at the core of what I do but I have witnessed the steep curve into mobile applications.  So, from those days of a base station in a bedroom so i too have to developed into the co-founder of Injected Motion a London based digital, social and design agency.

To be a part of EspressGo is another part of that growth. I hope to see the faceless zeros and ones of technology actually supporting the craftsmanship and care that goes into creating coffee and within this tech frame so I will take sail into the waters of innovation. I’ll take a Filter for the journey please. V60.

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